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Next course 21 september 2022

Based on the success of the basic course and hands-on workshop during the 11th Pediatric Colorectal Congress in 2018, we have decided to organize this basic course with hands-on sessions twice a year. Since the first version in March 2020, we have had hybrid (physical and online) courses in December 2020 and June 2021, and full online course Jan 2022, which were all rated very well, however we will keep improving them based on your feedback. This course is educational supported by members of the ERN eUROGEN, ERNICA, ARM-NET and EUPSA and will focus on senior residents, fellows and junior pediatric surgeons.

UEMS accreditation will be requested (the previous course was awarded 13 CME points).

Please use the contact form for more information.

Registration for 21 September 2022 in Croatia

The next fully online course is expected in the beginning of 2023.


Next course expected in the beginning of 2023

A similar set up will be used as in the previous colorectal courses, which were rated excellently. The first day will be focussed on ECMO, including hands-on training with guidance on inanimate models and the second day is focused on congenital diaphragmatic hernia. This is also including hands-on training of CDH closure in an open CDH model. This course is supported by ERN ERNICA and EUPSA.

CME accreditation will be requested (the previous course was awarded 13 CME points)

Please use the contact form for more information.

Register will open second half of 2022

Join the courses online!

Learn the basic pathological and surgical principles
Hands-on training with expert guidance
Interactive Sessions on specific topics
Small groups

To make the course ‘Corona proof’ we can only accept online participants. We have a maximum of 24 spots, to ensure small group discussions, interactive sessions and expert guidance during hands-on training. When joining online, you will still be able to train you hands-on skills, with live guidance, because we will send the training models to you, including instruments and sutures. An expert will guide you through the procedures, similar to the physical courses. You only need an internet connected smartphone with camera!

This makes the course more accessible if travelling is not an option or difficult to realize (either based on Corona rulings, visa restrictions or clinical duties).

The models used during the hands-on workshops of these courses are available on

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    1. Dear Dr Rexhina Leka, if you would like the upcoming course in December, please register as soon as possible, because there are only a few online spots left. Registration is only final after payment, because we need to send the training models to you for the online hands-on sessions.
      If you would like the join the upcoming ECMO and CDH course, please use the contact form and we will keep you posted.
      Kind regards Sanne Botden, course coordinator


    1. Dear Karina
      Please use the registration form to register for the upcoming Colorectal course 18-19 June.
      Kind regards Sanne Botden, course director


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