Other hotel options

Some suggestions of other hotels are given below.

Hotel MANNA, which is one of the best rated hotels in the Nijmegen area. Address: Oranjesingel 2c, 6511 NS  Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Phone: +31(0)24-3650990, e-mail: info@manna-nijmegen.nl

Hotel Blue Nijmegen, is another top rated hotel in the center of Nijmegen and near the train station. Address: Oranjesingel 14-20, 6511 NT Nijmegen, The Netherlands Phone: +31(0)24-7440094, e-mail: welcome@blue-nijmegen.nl

**** Hotels

Hotel Mercure, which is located near to the train station in the center of Nijmegen city. Address: Stationsplein 29, 6512 AB Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Phone: (+31)24-3238888, e-mail: H1356@accor.com.

Amrâth Hotel Belvoir is located in the center of Nijmegen. Address: Graadt van Roggenstraat 101, 6522 AX Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Phone: (+31)24-3232344, e-mail: info@belvoir.nl (25 rooms)

Hotel-Restaurant Erica is located in a small town near Nijmegen and the congress location, surrounded by nature. Address: Molenbosweg 17, 6571 BA  Berg en Dal, The Netherlands. Phone: (+31)347-750427, e-mail: info@hotelerica.nl (60 rooms)

*** Hotels

Hotel Apollo is located in the center of Nijmegen. Address: Bisschop Hamerstraat 14, 6511 NB  Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Phone: (+31)24-3223594, email: apollohotel@planet.nl (18 rooms)

Bastion Hotel Nijmegen is located on the east side of Nijmegen. Address: Neerbosscheweg 614, 6544 LL  Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Phone: (+31)24-3730100 (40 rooms)

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast De Olm, Hazenkampseweg 33, 6531 NB Nijmegen, The Netherlands, Phone: (+31)6 244 05 108,info@bbdeolm.nl

Bed and breakfast Wilhelmina, Wilhelminasingel 36, 6524 AN  Nijmegen, The Netherlands.  Phone: (+31)641 141 029 ,info@bedandbreakfastnijmegen.com

Bed and Breakfast Nijmegen. All 61 Bed and Breakfast accommodations in Nijmegen.